By Amy Burdett Farrer

The world we live in projects the image that we have all the riches on the Earth to be satisfied with. Yet scratch the surface and we see with our double-sighted eyes that all that is produced are people walking around starving to death, living like orphans with hollow eyes and ears that are deaf to the screams of depravity all around them. In the spirit realm, earthly kings are walking around in rags, yet the dead are seated in heavenly places: the kingdom is an upside down world.

Yet love changes everything!

The Father, His love, laid out a table for us where Jesus is the bread of life that we must feast on. This is the only way to experience Christ in us, the hope of glory; and vital because we must understand that He who is greater is in us, than he who is in this poor, dying world. So we feast on His bread to fill ourselves, and then we share! We must lovingly share, walking in our authority to give this bread to a dying, starving world.

We can do this because the bread always multiples. He feeds the masses and still there is an abundance leftover. His love always multiplies! Whoever wants to feast at the table, and however many people need to eat the bread, there is always enough; the table is always lovingly laid and the bread is always available.

And that’s it.

We’ve made it so complicated, but we have been given the keys to the kingdom. The resurrection is our key and the message is love to all. We have been given back all authority to take dominion, subdue and multiply on earth by the God who is above all rule and authority in heaven and on earth.  The resurrected Jesus gave everyone who believes the authority to feed the starving because He loves every one of us and never wants them (or us) to go hungry.

So we must grasp that God’s will, from the beginning, was for humankind to take dominion, subdue and multiply and that is still His will.  We could never complete such tasks if Jesus had not gone sacrificially to his death or consequently rose again to conquer the grave. But because He did we have the bread of life to feast on and with our authority we take dominion and share this bread to a starving world.

The exciting part to all this victory is the realigning of humankind to the equal position that was His original design in the Garden (of Eden). No grander example of this is the greatest revelation to a dying world of a risen Saviour. And this testimony was revealed to a woman alone. Yes, the first assignment given to spread the Good News was from a resurrected Jesus to a woman! The first person privileged enough to give the bread out to a hurting world was female.

So, women! Refuse to eat the scraps from under the table any longer and feast in the knowledge you have a seat at the table and He wants you by His side. This life has never been just about salvation and waiting for heaven. You have to know that you fully qualify to eat the love offering He provides and then share. Don’t just be the bystanders of Gods will on earth, this has been our burden for too long. No! Be in great joy because you ARE called to spread the Good News to a world that is walking around in rags, starving and in need of what you have. Live in the freedom of His Spirit within you with the voice God has ordained you with, every single one of you! The keys to the Kingdom are yours, take them and do His will on earth as it is in heaven.

Amy Farrer is a wife and mum of two and she is fully passionate for God.  She writes her own blog Women of Faith & Beauty and you can visit her site by clicking on the title of her blog.