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Fully persuaded

For the past few weeks we have been looking at the Book of Romans in our Equip Women Bible Studies.  Since then I have found myself stuck on one chapter.  Well, really, a few verses of one chapter.  Do you […]

Designed to be spectacular

I have started this blog in my head several times but for one reason or the other have not managed to put pen to paper.  Until now.  The year 2014 has started off with the excitement of a few new projects […]

Though none go with me

My first experience of personal prophecy was a sobering one.  I had not long become a Christian.  I saw no reason to part company with all my friends, who at that time were not yet Christians.  But they were all […]

When trials come

I attended a funeral last week.  It was a difficult one.  One of the most difficult funerals I have attended.  You see, it was a life that was snuffed out even before it had a chance to live – a […]

Growing up

When I first became a Christian many, many moons ago, I had a great sense of urgency because I felt I had already wasted a lot of time living outside God’s will.  I embraced every aspect of my new faith […]

New beginnings

Amongst many things, one thing that excites me considerably is the start of something new.  I guess I am just wired that way.  I am a starter.  I love to create something out of nothing and watch it grow.  Father […]

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