In a world where so much seems to have gone wrong, and is still going wrong, I am so glad for verses like the one in Proverbs that says that ‘ mortals may make elaborate plans, but God still has the last word’ (Proverbs 16:1 – The Message Bible).   If like me you have been shocked by the terror attacks of the last few weeks, or appalled by the mud slinging tactics of a lot of our politicians, then I have got good news for you. Our heavenly Father really does have the last word.

Or perhaps it is your own personal circumstances that have you concerned. Life can sometimes feel like climbing uphill and you can find yourself wondering how on earth all those wonderful promises that God has given you through the Bible or through prophetic words from others will ever come to pass. Or how on earth He will bring order to a disorderly world. I know what that feels like. I ‘ve been there more times than I care to remember.

But I do know this. God has got your back. He has got all our backs, if we are His children.

Our heavenly Father is not a promise breaker. He is not a tease either – promising you things he has no intention of delivering on. He has never told a lie. So if He said it, He will do it. It is as simple as that.

Even when you think you have disqualified yourself for the prize or the promise. Even then He is still faithful. Your faithlessness does not nullify His faithfulness. The Bible is clear on this. I love that although Abraham laughed in disbelief at God’s promise that he would have a son in his old age (Gen 17:17) God still had the last word and Isaac was born.

I also love that despite Sarah’s laugh of derision when the three men (angels most likely), told her husband Abraham that his wife would hold the promised heir in her arms before the year was over – God still had the last word. She thought no one was within earshot when she laughed but God – who is all knowing and all seeing – must have heard her. Her moment of disbelief did not discount her from receiving the promise.

Yes it would be great if we could all be stalwarts of faith every single moment of every day and profess our undying love and devotion to Father God with each breath. But the truth is that sometimes the realities of our lives threaten to overwhelm us and we end up speaking and acting as though God’s promises will never come to pass.

One moment of weakness or doubt will not nullify the Father’s promise. As long as we recognise our error and repent as quickly as we made that mistake of not trusting Him. Our Father is faithful, merciful and full of loving-kindness. He is also sovereign.

In the last few weeks I have had more opportunity than ever before to speak, teach and train – all things that I absolutely love. On the flip side I have also had more challenges to work through and more occasion to doubt God’s promises to me. There have been moments when I wavered, but I have not let that stop me believing that with God all things really are possible.

So look up! Fix your gaze on God.

Let go of the doubt and the fear, even if you have to do it more than once.

Know that God really does have the last word. In everything.  

And because of the kind of Father that He is, you can be sure that He will work things out in your favour. He has made a covenant with you to protect you, provide for you, deliver you from your enemies (yes even in the 20th century when those enemies have weapons that were never used in the Bible) and bring you into eternity – in one piece.

And He will.