About two weeks ago I sensed Holy Spirit nudge me with these words, ‘it’s resurrection time!’  Now I know this might sound like a cliché, after all it is the season of Lent and Easter is round the corner.  Still I sensed this was not business as usual and that Holy Spirit really wanted to breath new life on many aspects of our lives and particularly on our dreams.

One of the promises of God for these last days through the prophet Joel is that old men will dream dreams.  I believe the reason this prophecy singles out old men is because as people get older and experience disappointments or delays, they stop dreaming.  No one really expects old men (or women) to dream new dreams much less pursue those dreams.  And so God through Holy Spirit promises that a characteristic of the last days is that old people will be envisioned to dream again.

C.S Lewis says: “You are never too old to dream another dream or set another goal.”

I agree with him.  One of the enemy’s tactics in these last days is to deceive people into believing that their dreams are not important or that their broken dreams can never be mended.  God is the ultimate dreamer – according to Romans 4, He sees things in the spirit realm and then speaks them into being.  That is precisely what God-given dreams are – we see a future that is not yet, one that could be, and then we take steps to see that dream become reality.  God- given dreams not only have the potential to transform us but they also transform the lives of other people who will be blessed as a result of our dreams coming to pass.

Whether that dream is the salvation of a loved family member or friend, the healing of a debilitating or terminal illness, the establishment of justice for the voiceless, the planting of churches that will bless the community, a career that will bring glory to God, or bringing up children that will grow up to extend God’s kingdom long after you are gone, God-given dreams are always worth pursuing.  Whatever the dream God has placed in your heart – small or big – the enemy will do all he can to steal it, kill it or destroy it.  He does not want you transformed by the process of seeing that dream manifested.  Nor does he want God to get any glory from your fulfilled dreams.

I’ve got good news for you.  It is time to raise those dreams from the dead.  It is time to apply resurrection power to your impossible, perhaps long forgotten, crazy sounding dreams.  The reason they are so crazy sounding is because any dream God gives is impossible without His breath or ruach (the Hebrew word for breath and used also for Holy Spirit).  In case you are wondering how strong this resurrection power is, it’s the same one that raised the three-day-old corpse of Jesus to life.   It is the same power that defeated Satan in his own backyard and took the keys of Hell from him.  There is no greater power.  The greatest missile ever built cannot compare to this power.

Just as Ezekiel prophesied to the dry bones in the valley in obedience to God’s command, it is time to prophesy life into your God-given dreams and recommit to standing until God does what He has promised to do.  It is time to stand still and see Him do what he does best – bring life to the dead.  Some of you have given up on your dreams because they seem so impossible, or too much time has gone by.  Some of you even struggle to remember what your dreams were.  And some of you are weary of believing, tired of expecting.

It is time to get into Father’s presence like never before.

It is time to receive His fresh word so that you can start to dream again.

It is time to receive inspiration so that you can prophesy life to your dreams.

It is time to raise the dead.

If this word is for you (and I believe it is), I encourage you to begin to speak it out.  Praise God for the dreams that He will bring to pass even if nothing seems to be happening right now.  Thank Him in anticipation of what He will do.  Shout this Easter like you have never shouted before – IT’S RESURRECTION TIME!

If you would like me to support you in prayer, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a blessed Easter!