Living in His Presence

A few weeks ago I was privileged to teach the students on Mpower Ministry Training College about this very subject.  God does have a sense of humour as I did not feel that I was qualified to be teaching anyone about this.  Yes, it is my most favourite thing in the world to talk about, the knowledge that we can practice the presence of our Father on a daily basis such that we are constantly aware of Him a deep and personal way.  But because I had got so caught up in the events of my life, I had even failed to notice what I was missing. As I delved into the Bible and read again the awesome experiences of Moses, David and Paul, I began to get hungry again for His Presence.  Don’t get me wrong, I know God is omniscience which means that He is everywhere, but it is possible to know in your head that He is everywhere and yet miss that close fellowship that
happens between friends who are always communicating with each other, always checking in to see what is going on with the other.  I am talking about the kind of relationship where my morning devotion is not enough, I have to speak to Him throughout my day, share my moments – good and bad – with Him, feel the gentle breath of His Holy Spirit and know with every fibre of my being that He is with me. Really and truly with me.

I know it is not an easy thing to do.  Life gets busy and distractions are the order of the day.  But if I am going to end each day on a victorious note and live out My Father’s purpose for my life then I am going to have to do it this way.  Jesus left us a wonderful example to follow.  He said ” so whatever I say is just what the Father has told me to say.” (John12:50 NIV).  We know that Jesus said quite a lot, so to make that claim it meant He had to be in conversation with the Father quite a lot.  In another place Jesus said that He never did anything that He didn’t see His Father doing.  Sound like they were really close you could say. And so we should be, after all we are family, just like Jesus is family.

So I am trying to do what I started doing many months ago when life was less harried or complicated.  I am taking time to spend with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, even if it is 5 mins at a time of just being still and acknowledging their presence.  Tuning in to hear what they have to say.  Emptying my mind of its concerns and just delighting in the love and acceptance of God. I have a book that helps keep me on track – written by two men who knew what it was to practice the presence of God.  Get it if you can, it will change your life.  Here’s the link – Practicing His Presence

I would love to hear what you think and what your experience has been.  Please leave a comment.