Something beautiful is about to happen. I am not sure what exactly, but there is in my spirit a holy anticipation.

Maybe like me you have been waiting a long time for some promise or personal prophecy to be fulfilled. You may even possibly have got tired of waiting and you have given up hope that it will ever happen. I want you to hear the Father today. He is saying, ‘It’s not over yet my child.’

Some of you are about to come out of that cocoon you have been in for months and even years. Like the butterfly that emerges from a really tough season of having all its insides broken down in the process of developing from the caterpillar it once was, over the next few days and weeks you will emerge from the tough season you have been in.

Sure you might come out wonder-eyed and still feeling a bit battered from the intense battle that you have been in. But as you emerge, the breath of Holy Spirit over you will bring strength just as the air strengthens the butterfly’s fragile wings when it first comes out from its cocoon.

That’s why you can’t give up now. You can’t stop believing or hoping or trusting the Father. Now is not the time to stop declaring his faithfulness. You know as well as I do that there is power in your praise and your declarations of God’s faithfulness to bring to pass all that he has promised.

Anna, the eighty four year old prophetess had been serving God with fasting and praying for much of her life (Luke 2:36-38). The fact that she spoke of Jesus as part of her praise when she first set eyes on the Saviour gives a clue as to what must have been the content of her praying all those years. Do you think all the time that had gone by mattered once she set eyes on the Promise she had been longing to see? No! In that moment, all the waiting, all the heartache, the intercession, the weeping and groaning were overshadowed by the joy of beholding the Saviour.

Something beautiful is about to happen in your life. I know it. I believe it. And I am declaring it. I am just finishing a season of praying with some loved ones about some things that we need to see breakthrough in. We are seeing results and I know there will be more answers to prayer. This is not just positive talk; I believe this is Holy Spirit speaking.

If you feel a resonance in your spirit today, then declare it out loud. Say, YES! To what God is doing. Then get ready to shout.

I would love to hear from you. Let’s encourage one another. Please don’t be a stranger.