I am so excited about the Lead From Within program that kicked off last week. It was inspiring to hear how God had led the ladies in the group on a journey that had brought them to where they are currently and to hear their dreams and aspirations for the future. I know that God is definitely in this; I can tell because of the huge opposition that the enemy mounted against it in the weeks leading up to it. He does not like to see God’s people walk in their purposes, but thankfully he does not have the final word – God does.

This leads me nicely to what I would like to share with you today. A few weeks ago I read an article that reminded me of a truth that I have known for a long time but had somehow become slack in. The bible tells us that God disciplines those that He loves and one of the ways He does this is by gently tapping metaphorically on our shoulders to get our attention when we are not being obedient to a truth that He has revealed to us and expects us to walk in.  His Holy Spirit convicts us in our hearts gently but firmly and our best response is to quickly repent and get back on track.

Have you ever longed for something for so long that in the end you decided it was easier to stop expecting it so avidly and instead assume a more resigned position that says something like this – ‘ok God, this is taking forever so I’ll just stand down, stop expecting, and leave it to you to decide when or if at all it happens’. Now while there certainly is some truth in the fact that it is God that determines the timing of the fulfillment of His promises, have you ever considered the fact that we may have a part to play in it? Take the children of Israel for instance; was it really God’s will that they wander around the wilderness for forty years when the Promised Land was really not that far away from them? Or did their grumbling, incessant complaining and lack of faith have anything to do with it?   Are there times when we think we are waiting on God when in fact he is waiting on us? Waiting for a change of attitude, or for us to act on His word and take the first step? Waiting for us to claim what he has already given?

The truth I mentioned earlier that Holy Spirit reminded me of is found in Proverbs 18:21:

Death and Life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit

(See also James 3:2-11)

If you were to make a recording of all the words that came out of your mouth in any given day would you find that they are words of life or of death? Would they be words of victory or defeat? Of praise to God or complaints? In many ways we are the prophets of our own lives. God has made us in His image and that includes giving us the ability to create with our words just like He does. (See Genesis 1 and Hebrews 11:3). And while our words may not have the same magnitude of creative power that God’s have (that would be dangerous don’t you agree if everything we said – good or bad – came to pass?) we certainly have the ability to create with our words. Even scientists and psychologists have shown that our bodies respond to the words we speak in ways we never imagined. In the same way the words that we speak creates different atmospheres around us.

So what words are you speaking? What words are you speaking over your children, your work, your finances, and your body? What God really expects is for us to say what He is saying. That is what Jesus did all the time he walked this earth. He only said or did what He heard the Father saying or doing. God’s words are always good. They build up instead of tearing down. They bring hope instead of despair. And they bring life instead of death. One way we can know what God is saying is by looking at the Bible. Find out what the Bible says about you and about any situation you may be facing and determine that you will speak those words only. Yes it is tempting to look at the situation we are in and allow words of defeat, hopelessness, doubt and lack come out of our mouths. But we must resist that temptation. God’s power is in his words. Therefore if we want to see His power unleashed then we must speak His words out, believing in our hearts that His word can change anything and that he is watching over those very words to bring them to pass (Jeremiah 1:12).

I am declaring 2015 a year of victory, restoration, break-through and refreshing. I am declaring this especially over areas of my life where I don’t yet see God’s will perfected. I am declaring His best in every situation even when what appears to be the worst faces me. It is working. Things are turning around. Why don’t you join me and see what our Father will do?


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