Happy New Year!  I sincerely hope you had a restful and Christ-filled Christmas and New Year.  Leading up to the New Year I came across a few prophecies about what God might have in store for us in 2017.  Most have been quite positive and encouraging although there were one or two prophecies of doom and gloom in the mix!
There is something about us as human beings that longs to catch a glimpse of what lies in the future.  It’s quite simple really.  Most of us would like to know what lies ahead so that we can be as prepared as we can possibly be.  Few of us like surprises – really –  unless we are guaranteed they will be ‘good surprises’.  It’s the reason why horoscopes are still so popular.  Fortune tellers make money by claiming to be able to tell you what your future looks like.  Even in Christian circles the ministry of the prophet is a well sought after one.

The Bible is clear, however about the place of fortune telling  in the Kingdom of God.  It has no place.  Instead the Bible encourages us to trust in God and look to Him as the Author of our future.  As I read the prophecies I mentioned earlier, I realised afresh that as Christians, walking by faith is a pre-requisite for victory.  That walk of faith often involves a degree of not knowing the details of the future.  The bottom line is that while God promises that His ‘Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth and show us what is to come’ (John 16:13), there is always going to be an element of not knowing in detail what the future might hold.  This requires us to be completely dependent on God as the one who leads us by His spirit even when it is a bit foggy and the path ahead is not completely clear.

The other thing I felt God remind me is that regardless of what God reveals to His body through prophetic words, you and I have a responsibility to be the prophets of our own lives.  We have to agree with God in our thinking and our speaking.  As partners with God in seeing His purposes fulfilled, we have to speak what God has promised into being.  Paul said, ‘I believed, therefore I spoke’ (2 Cor 4:13).  Unless you ensure that your words are in keeping with what God has said, you are in danger of sabotaging yourself out of god’s best for you.

The power of life and death is in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21) and whether you believe this or not, it is a proven Biblical principal.  At the start of this new year, make a point to discover what God is saying about your personal circumstances, your family, your church, and all your other areas of influence.  Then work hard at making sure that the words that come out of your mouth line up with what he is saying.  Resist the temptation to speak defeat, despair or disaster.  These are not concepts that are associated with our God.

I am praying that 2017 will be a year of god’s outpouring on your life lke never before.  

In His love