Christmas is a mere few weeks away, it’s amazing that we are at the end of another year!  As we go into this wonderful season that is celebrated almost all over the world (even if it sometimes for the wrong reasons) I am excited about celebrating the birth of Our Lord Jesus with friends and family.  I can’t help but marvel at the fact that 2014 has nearly come to an end.  When I look back at what has happened in our lives, it has been a year filled with challenges of a magnitude I never imagined I would face and yet on the other hand I have also known the love and faithfulnss of the Father to a degree I have not known until now.   The word I went into the year with was MORE; little did I kow that would also include more trials that would neccesitate my needing God more!

But what a wonderful God we are privileged to know!  I would not trade belonging to His family for anything in the world, not even for a life that is without challenge(is there any such thing?)  I can think of no better way to end the year than to take time to celebrate God’s goodness and the fact that He gave Jesus so that you and I would live an abundant life, no matter what life and the enemy may throw at us.  I have often asked myself what an abundant life looks like and I have had numerous conversations with other Christians about what this looks like to them.  The tendency is for us to settle for something less than what God promises us just because our own experience so far has not matched up to what the Bible tells us is possible.

So many times I have started off believing a promise that God spoke in His word, but as time passes and that promise seems farther away than ever, I have tried to convince myself that perhaps God did not really mean I could have that thing or experience, and that somewhere along the line I have misheard Him.  What a cop out on my part.  It was easier for me to settle for less than to dig my heels in and refuse to give up until either God’s promise comes to pass or I cease to exist on this earth – whichever one comes first.

On one of those occasions when I was tempted to take the easy way out and pull back on the tenacious hold I had previously had on a promise from God, I noticed that even my conversation had changed and I was beginning to sound like the defeat that I felt inwradly.  It was then that I heard the gentle voice of Holy Spirit ask me the question – what’s in your belly?  Now generally when God asks us questions, it is not because He doesn’t know the answer.  Nor is He really expecting an answer from us.  Instead he is shining His torch on an aspect of our lives that we need to give careful attention to.

The first thing that came to mind was the scripture where Jesus says: “if anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”  The old King James uses the word ‘belly’ instead of ‘heart’.  This is the innermost or central part of your being, your core.  I know this sounds gross but when you regurgitate food, whatever comes out will be the food that you ate a few hours before.   I got a revelation then.  I was speaking negative and defeatist words because I was not tapping into the rivers of living water that the Holy Spirit had deposited in my belly when I became one of His children.  Instead I was tapping into what my mind and the circustances I was facing were telling me – your prayers are not working, God is not going to deliver on this one.

Truth is, the living water is in there already.  Yes it can get depleted if I don’t make time to be refilled in the presence of my Father.  But it’s in there.  You and I just have to tap into that river of life and let the words that come out of our mouth show evidence of what is really in our ‘bellies’, rather than what is in our minds.  And believe me there is a huge difference.

As you go into this season of eating and drinking and partying way more than we usually do, make sure that your belly is full, not just with food, but with the rivers of living water that will not only water the dry places in your life, but those dry places in other peoples lives as well.  Let’s be women who water lives wherever we go because we have tapped into a never ending source of life – Jesus.

Thank you for allowing me share my life and thoughts with you in 2014.  Thank you for your comments and insights.  You truly are God’s masterpieces, and it is an honour to serve you.  We cannot win this race on our own but together we can tap into the victory that Jesus came into this world and died for.  Praying you have the best Advent and Christmas ever this year.

In His Precious Name,